The Dog with the Pearl Earring

Friday, 24 September 2010

Soggy doggy

With that luscious black curly coat... poor young Billy sure soaks up the rain. Another wonderful thing about doggies, though, is that they get you out, whatever the weather. And he's so cheerful - just like mum, of course! He is so nice to everyone - even those who aren't particularly fond of dogs. He seems to accept everyone unconditionally. Although he did growl at a little boy on a scooter. Extremely unusual. It must have been the mode of transport that upset him. Billy obviously has standards! In fact he hates to see me doing housework, good chap. Whenever I get the Hoover out, or a broom, or a dustpan and brush, he gets very cross indeed and tackles them head on. Wonder what he would be like if anyone else in the flat used such things? Of course we may never find out...

Monday, 20 September 2010

Slippers been Billied

Turned my back for a second and the slippers have been well and truly Billied. Great lumps chewed out of them.

Never mind, I got to see Tamara Drewe at the Gala showing in Bridport. The reserve ticket came up trumps. Got all nicely settled in and then asked the woman next to me to save my seat while I went to the loo. 'Guard it with your life!' I pleaded. When I returned she had her hand on that seat very protectively. 'Thank you so much!' I said gratefully.

The film then started and what a jolly romp it is with its beautiful scenery in more ways than one. That Luke Evans is a bit of alright...

I was exhausted, though, having been through the trauma of having my handbag stolen earlier in the week but I managed to keep my eyes open throughout. I hope.

We all clapped like mad when the film finished. And then the nice woman next to me got up and went onto the stage. It was Posy Simmonds herself! Well, well, well. What a star!

Back to Billy now. He is snoozing peacefully having just come back from a lovely walk which included jumping into many streams. I will have to work out how to get his photograph onto this blog...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Billy taking the medicine

Billy has now eaten his eardrops!!! Clearly he will do anything rather than have me put them in!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Billy in Dorset

What adventures we are having - and some not so nice...Poor Billy has had an ear infection - perhaps he's been eating too many pearl earrings! And I had my handbag stolen which was very upsetting..And insurance doesn't cover it.... Am on the reserve list, first in the queue, for the Tamara Drewe film tonight - that would cheer us up!!